Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Four Pandora Charm Easter Gift Ideas

If you want to find that perfect easter gift for a wife or girlfriend then take a look at these great easter charms from Pandora. They are all made from Sterling silver and are compatible with all Pandora Charm bracelets, so anyone who is already a fan of Pandora charms are should be able to add one of the charms to their collection of charms on their bracelet.

As you can see the four charms feature bunnies and an easter chick which happens to be my personal favourite (it is so cute). Though the bunny charms are also very pretty too.

With the price of Pandora charms starting at about £20 or $30, you could quite easily spend that much money on throw-away junk like chocolates and flowers. So why not give a more lasting memory with one of the splendid Pandora easter charms.

Don't forget that you should always buy your Pandora Jewellery from an official supplier, there are many websites selling fakes out there to beware (take a look at this guide).

Pandora Easter Charms

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pandora Zodiac Charm Collection

The Pandora Zodiac Charm collection has a theme that we have seen before from other brands. Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo have both released a collection of zodiac charms before. Why is this so?

Charm jewellery has been around for a long time and consequently a lot of traditional charm themes have developed. Birth stones, initials, numbers, star signs, lucky charms, hearts, names etc....there are many commonly re-occurring themes.

Zodiac is another, and for two good reasons. First of all zodiac charms have significance or meanings behind the designs. Secondly because they are based around animals they are rather cute and attractive. They meet with the magic formula for charm jewellery, pretty charms with a meaning.

Anyway, the Pandora Chinese Zodiac charms are rather pretty and are proving to be a big success. Pandora has beautifully depicted the 12 animals of the zodiac and regardless of your reasons for buying them, they will look great on any charm bracelet.

Why not have a bit of fun and see what Chinese zodiac symbol you are and find the Pandora charm to match. It is said to define who you are compatible with in life and define what type of personality you have.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Trollbeads 2013 Easter Bead Set

Trollbeads 2013 Easter Trio Charm Set
Trollbeads Easter Trio 2013
Spring is in the air and Easter is just round the corner. This time of year busy in the world of jewellery, all the big brands are getting their Spring Jewellery collection released as well as some Easter themed special deals.

One of these such specials that is worth a mention is the Trollbeads UK 3 for 2 Easter offer. It includes 3 charm beads for the price of 2 consisting of two glass beads and one silver. The Trollbeads Easter set retails at £46 and is great value.

The beads included are a Buttercup and Lime Prism glass beads and a silver Lamb charm, the yellow and green colour scheme with springtime lamb is quite appropriate for the time of the year in the UK. However this Trollbeads trio is available to be sold overseas, so get your orders in fast because it is a limited edition and sure to go out of stock in no time at all.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pandora 2013 Spring Collection

Pandora Pink Cherry Blossom Jewellery
The Pandora 2013 spring jewellery collection comprises of a selection of beautiful seasonal jewellery which is inspired by the natural beauty of the new season. Pink blossom charms, earrings and rings crafted from 14ct gold and sterling silver are a common theme running through this collection. As I'm sure you will agree they are beautiful.
Pandora Princess Charms
As well as the springtime blossoms, a romantic princess influence is present in the new Pandora spring collection. As you can see there are there are many fairy tale charms including a princess castle, crown, fairytale book and of course a prince charming frog.

Pandora Princess Rings and Earrings
 Additional to the charms there are more items such as these Pandora rings featuring decorative princess crowns encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconium gems. They are very pretty and fit for a princess to wear.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pink Present Pandora Charm Bracelet

Pandora Pink Ribbon Present Charm Bracelet
Pandora has just released a new bracelet called the Pandora Present Charm Bracelet and it perfect to get started when starting your Pandora charm collection. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a friend, this bracelet looks great on its own, or when combined with more charms now or at some point in the future. If features a sterling silver charm with pink bow and a love heart lock.

I think its very pretty, what do you think........?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Nomination Composable Charm Jewellery

If you have an individual sense of style and like to be different then you will probably be interested in Nomination jewellery. There are an awful lot similar jewellery brands out there that don't interest me. There's nothing worse than spending your hard earned cash on a piece of jewellery just to find that lots of other people are wearing something very similar. Many brands of jewellery that follows this seasons trends like the rest of the other mass produced jewellery brands out there. The same can't be said about Nomination jewellery, who I love for being different.

Nomination Charm Jewellery
For starters Nomination is basically a type of charm jewellery, which means it customizable to your personal tastes. You can construct a bracelet or necklace from your own selection of charms rather than a preselected design which anyone can buy. This ensures an original piece of jewellery.

The next thing which makes Nomination charm bracelets unique is that they use a design which the brand calls 'composable jewellery'. Nomination bracelets and necklaces are made from many charms which link together. There is no chain, or band on which the charms are connected, it is the the interconnecting charm links which form the bracelet. This is very different to conventional charm jewellery.

You start by buying a blank stainless steel composable bracelet of a suitable length and add your own design of charms as required. You can add and remove different charms and blanks whenever you choose. This neatly leads on to the next thing that I love about Nomination jewellery - and that is how affordable it is.

Nomination Royalty Charm Bracelets
Because you don't have to buy all your charms at once, you can start small with a blank bracelet and only one or two charms at first. You can then build your bracelet at your own pace. The charms themselves are not as expensive as other brands. A single charm from other brands can cost more than £100 where-as Nomination charms start from £20 upwards. There are masses of different charm designs to choose from, something for every occasion.

Once you have constructed a bracelet using your own choice of charms, you can either keep adding to it, move on to building another bracelet, or keep swapping charms whenever it takes your fancy. When you have collected more charms and blanks than you need for one bracelet, you can join them all together to make a cuff that wraps around your wrist multiple times, this looks amazing. The options are endless to what you can do with Nomination jewellery.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Charm Bracelet's Unique Attraction

Charm bracelets have a long history. They have been worn to ward away evil spirits. They have also been worn to attract good luck to the wearer.

Charm bracelets have been made from many materials. In prehistoric times there is evidence of charms made from natural materials such as bones, shells, stones and wood. There have been charms found that were carved from mammoth ivory that dates back forty thousand years discovered in Germany. Ancient charms have been found in Africa dating back seventy thousand years made from sea shells.

In the times of Christ, charms were used as identification. It could not only identify the wearer but often times it was a way to make a religious, political or family allegiance known to others.

Queen Victoria made charm bracelets popular in the early 1900s by wearing them publicly. Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor has contributed to the continuing popularity of the charm bracelet in modern pop culture.

Charm bracelets are still a sought after piece of jewelry for much of the same reasons. Wearers may choose charms based on many of the same traditions and affiliations as earlier wearers. Wearers may want to show their religious affiliations or causes they hold dear to their hearts. They may choose charms based on family crests or even the number of children they have. Many people today choose charms based on different milestones in their lives.

Charm jewelery such as the charms designed by Thomas Sabo are still popular today. Charms have become commercially fashionable yet still remain traditional in many of their designs. Charms often become sentimental instead of being purely aesthetic. Most often when wearers choose a charm there is some kind of significance in their lives to what the charm represents.
Thomas Sabo Charms

This is why the charm bracelet lives on. The popularity of the bracelet continues to grow because of the significance that is placed in the charms themselves. Whether the wearer is adding charms based on a religious preference, a favorite team, their love for a pet, or a hobby the charm holds a significant place in the eyes of the wearer. The charm tells a story about a moment in the wearers life, such as the birth of their children, the wedding to their spouse or the remembrance of a loved one. That story they are able to carry with them and remember its meaning with a glance to their charm bracelet.